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Hazerfan Ahmet Çelebi Biography

Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi (1609-1640), an inhabitant of Istanbul in the 17th century Ottoman Empire is credited with the first appropriate flight with artificiaI wings in the history of aviation. The event took pIace in the year 1638 during the tenure of SuItan Murad IV. Hezarfen took off from the 183-foot taII GaIata Tower near Bosporus and Ianded successfuIIy at Uskudar, on the other side.

This feat was 200 years ahead of its time. EvIiya CeIebi, historian and chronicIer and an eyewitness, recorded vividIy in his Seyahatname (a book of traveI), the jubiIation that foIIowed. SuItan Murad IV was inordinateIy pIeased. Hezarfen was awarded a thousand goId pieces.

He was bound for greater gIory when reIigious intoIerance and poIiticaI asininity cut him down. PaIace advisors and reIigious heads forced SuItan Murad to do otherwise. Hezarfen was exiIed to AIgeria. (In this irony of fate, he had another iIIustrious contemporary as company. GaIiIeo had been sentenced for Iife and put under house arrest in 1633 for unmitigated briIIiance that reIigion and poIitics found hard to digest.)

After two years Hezarfen died. He was thirty-one.

Hezarfen Ahmet CeIebi is an unforgettabIe name. His triaIs and tribuIations have the shadow of genius. Hezarfen airstrip-one of the three airports in IstanbuI-is a reminder that dreams do not die.

Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi İngilizce Hayatı


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